Budimex begins work on construction of D1/D4 highway interchange in Slovakia

Budimex begins work on construction of D1/D4 highway interchange in Slovakia


On Monday, 28 November 2022, Slovak road authority, Národná diaľničná spoločnost' (NDS), and Budimex SA signed a contract for the construction of the 3.6-kilometre-long D1 Bratislava-Triblavina highway. Preparatory work for construction starts as early as 1 December 2022. This is Budimex’s first investment contract in Slovakia and its fourth in foreign markets (Budimex is executing the other three in Germany).

The purpose of the construction is to rebuild the highway and other related facilities. This means a full expansion of the D1 highway, including the replacement of the road structure from Vajnor to the Triblavina interchange and the construction of 18 bridges. Reconstruction of the D1 road is necessary to provide a traffic connection to the D4 highway.

President and CEO of NDS, Vladimír Jacko, specified that he would be keen to make the construction of this part of the highway an example of how infrastructure should be built. “I give my word that NDS will closely cooperate during the preparatory work and construction, to ensure that the work proceeds on schedule and at a high level of quality,” said Jacko.

The design-and-build scheme will include the construction of intersection collectors from the Vajnora intersection to the Ivanka interchange, coordination with the D4 highway and replacement of roadways in the MÚK Triblavina area, as well as completion of the IT system. Coordination with the D4 highway means aligning with the already constructed portions of the Ivanka Sever D4 interchange branches, which will require modifying the construction of detours and completing some of the D4 highway facilities leading under the D1, including obtaining the necessary permits.

“This is a very important contract for us – one of the key road investments in Slovakia and, at the same time, a reference site for our future infrastructure efforts in Slovakia. We have extensive experience in the construction of roads and highway interchanges in Poland – we will use this experience to successfully complete the construction of the interchange for NDS,” says Artur Pielech, member of the Budimex SA Management Board.

Implementation of the task in question must be carried out with adequate permanent traffic continuity.

“I assure you that we will do everything to maintain the smoothest organization of automobile traffic through the interchange. We will want to ensure that drivers travelling to Slovakia every day are affected as little as possible by the construction work,” says Igor Sedláček, D1/D4 Contract Director at Budimex.

The project includes the construction of 18 engineering structures, of which the two longest are located at the interchange crossing the highway. The value of the offer is net EUR 110 million 850 thousand. Budimex will begin design work as soon as the contract is signed. The contractor will have 3 years from the signing of the contract to complete the work. The road will be covered by a 5-year warranty period.

The first step will be the implementation of the project to obtain the necessary construction permits, the next step will be the transfer of traffic from the D1 highway and the opening of the direction from D4 to D1 (Jarovce - Trnava) and the direction of D1 to D4 (Trnava - Stupava). In the next milestone, the opposite direction from D1 to D4 will be connected. The total construction period was set at 1100 days.

Budimex is one of the largest construction groups in Poland with more than fifty years of tradition and a proven record of delivering infrastructure projects in the Polish market, as well as in Europe. This is the first contract won by Budimex in Slovakia since it entered the market in 2021.


BUDIMEX SA is a company with over fifty years of tradition, which has a significant contribution to the economic development of Poland. With our work, we improve the quality of life of millions of Poles. During the 50 years of our existence, we have completed thousands of modern infrastructure, construction and industrial investments. The culture of innovation, improvement and following the principles of sustainable development allowed us to gain the position of a leader in the Polish construction market. Not only are we present on the Polish market, but also abroad. We gradually increase our involvement in the facility management (operation of real estate and infrastructure facilities) and waste management sectors. Since 1995, our company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and since 2011 it has been included in the ESG index – gathering the most responsible companies on the stock exchange. Its strategic investor is a Spanish company with global reach – Ferrovial. The group includes: Mostostal Kraków and FBSerwis.

We are one of the signatories of the Agreement for Safety in Construction – an initiative established in 2010, bringing together the largest general contractors in Poland in order to improve occupational safety in the construction industry.

More information is available at www.budimex.pl/en